Satisfyer Pro Vibration Range - Why You Need To Upgrade

Author: Ellen   Date Posted:14 December 2018 

Satisfyer Pro Vibration Range - Why You Need To Upgrade


The Satisfyer vibration range sucks in the best way possible… ok technically it actually blows, but whichever way you look at it, it’s the perfect tool for getting that oral sex tap-tap-tap that we all so like, only, with more reliability.

If you’re not familiar with this type of toy, then unlike the buzz and direct contact of a typical vibrator, the Satisfyer range encompasses your clit, and uses air pulse sensations to stimulate without touching. It feels a little like you’re being sucked and tapped by a tongue, though you’re not. If you really want to understand it, then for fun, try it on your nipples. They go from soft to hard in no time, like they’ve been tugged at, and your partner might like this too - just sayin’.

I put three in the range to the test to compare performance…you know, for science.


Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

I knew I was off to a good start when I reviewed my notes the next morning after a late night use of this and it read, “Multiple in no time, toes curled.”

I stayed on the lower settings with this one and was surprised by how much it felt like a tongue tapping against my clit. I liked the nice wide head on it, and how soft it is. I had no numbness after using it multiple times over two days and no skin irritation like I can get from a vibrator. That’s a big thumbs up for me.

I definitely didn’t get past the 4th or 5th setting on this one, it was getting way too much at those levels, and I kept having to jerkily adjust the motor back down with the buttons which are a touch clunky in order to keep riding out the orgasms. I also found the intensity of sensation from each setting felt like a big jump, and sometimes I wished for a sensation in the middle between the two. But, this is a small complaint for what was a damn good time.

I plugged all three devices I was trying from the Satisfyer range in at once to charge, and found the location of the magnetic charging head a little inconvenient on this one, and also found the glowing red light was a bit scary in the dark, but not disruptive to my sleep. This toy isn’t wildly loud, but it’s not dead quieter either. It wouldn’t be one I’d recommend using when you’re staying with your in-laws, but it’s a great introduction into this technology if you’re new to it and aren’t keen on vibration at all.


Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration

I admit, I was curious about the Pro 2 Vibration which is part of Satisfyer's brand new range. How could it really be any better, or different to the Next Generation?

The device design is similar, all that is really different to me at first was the insanely bright flashing charging light (annoying for overnight charging) but with a better magnetic charging port location, and the vibration functions. I doubted it would be any quieter, or feel any better.

So, there I was, suddenly impatient with this toy on it’s lower levels which aren’t like the lower levels of the Next Generation which is ‘punchier’. The sensation was so super soft that I wasn’t sure what the point of them was, and I kept pushing it up and switched on the vibration. But, I told myself off and forced myself to go back to basics and slowly work my way up rather than wanting something in under a minute.

And I was rewarded for it. It took longer, but just like oral sex, sometimes the first few licks don’t do much, but then, it builds. And my oh my was the orgasm deep and satisfying, but, I couldn’t keep riding it out. Pity. I had to yank it off me because I couldn't scroll down the buttons fast enough to a lower level. And I found this a consistent experience the next time I used this. I wasn’t left unhappy, just unable to keep going. Perhaps because this device gets a little buzzy as the settings go up.

What did surprise me is the difference in sound. This one definitely is quieter than the Next Generation, especially when you’ve created a seal to your body. It’s also a more motory sound than a vibration sound, which I think is less intimidating.

Knowing that the range is waterproof, and having a late start one morning, I decided to experiment with this one in the bath. I had heard that submerging it gave it even more intense a sensation. While I don’t necessarily agree with this, it was certainly a relaxing bath, so if that’s your jam, go for it.


Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration

Ok, let’s just say, after several days of using the Pro 2s, I wasn’t sure if there was going to be any step up here, but I should have learned from previous experience. What can I say, I underestimated twice.

Breaking from the shape of the Pro 2, the Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration is cone shaped with the handle angling away from your body, rather than towards it, and features a sleeker design. The whole body is encased in the soft silicone feel of the head, and unlike the Pro 2, the head doesn’t come off the Pro 3 for cleaning (but being waterproof, washing with lukewarm water and fragrance free soap is fine!).

The buttons, unlike its predecessors, are also not raised and seperate, but instead under the skin of the device which can make it a touch harder to navigate in the moment, but that’s perhaps my only minor complaint.

I also really like that while charging, the glow on this button is low and sits underneath, so that it won’t be flashing and disturbing you for overnight charging.

Like the Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration I decided to give this a test run with just the air pulse before giving the vibration a go. I liked it; I had a few small orgasms. But once I turned on the vibration… wellhello bedhead-grabbing-thigh-shaking orgasm.

For me, I didn’t like the constant vibration settings, it takes away from the sensation of the air pulse… instead I opted for the intermittent vibration setting. I also liked that the vibration on this one is so silky smooth and the sensations of the air pulse not being too throbby… well, by turning it down a few notches to the lower settings of the air pulse and maintaining the intermittent vibrations, I could keep riding through orgasms for awhile. Ding, ding, ding!

How much did I like this toy? I texted all my girl squad and told them to buy this one and forgot about online dating.

Hot tips for this range?

Use lube. Just trust me. And not even because I always recommend lube for everything sex related. This isn’t like your old school vibrator where you can just press it against yourself dry and go. It actually makes the sensations more realistic and helps create that seal.

Need some Wet Stuff? Grab it here:

Don’t press it hard against yourself; you get the best tug and tap with it pulled away from your body a little, just before the seal breaks. Depending on what position you’re in, you can definitely use these during sex with your partner. I’m thinking doggy and spooning in particular would be next level with this range.

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