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Author: James   Date Posted:23 October 2018 

How To Use A Penis Pump - The Ultimate Guide - 8 Steps


Why use a Penis Pump?

Penis Pumps have a variety of benefits including assisting with Erectile Dysfunction, potentially enlarging the penis and for good old fashioned pleasure.

A generally improved sex life should be on the cards, especially if you're suffering from ED and are looking for a firmer, fuller penis to increase your confidence in the sack.


How does a Penis Pump work?

Pumps create a vacuum inside a cylinder, usually shatter-proof glass or hardened plastic to encourage blood flow throughout the penis. This causes the penis to swell, providing enhanced erections or even a hard-on for guys who have been unable to become erect naturally.

The duration of the effect depends on the individual. Blokes utilising a penis pump for ED issues may use a pump before foreplay or just before intercourse, depending on their personal situation. Regular use may contribute to increased erection duration and fullness.

Guys looking for more size will experience an immediate effect as extra blood is pulled into the penis. This effect is temporary, although regular use over months has the potential to cause erectile tissue to expand. This should have the ability to cause a significant increase in the size of your flaccid penis - we're talking inches - though won't have a huge long term effect on your erect penis.

The pump can also be used as a sex toy masturbator. The effect of sucking extra blood into your penis can be highly pleasurable and many blokes use the pump solely to masturbate, especially those looking for something a little different. For guys looking specifically for a male sex toy, we highly recommend the Fleshlight range, which is the market leader for mens' toys.


How to use a Penis Pump

1. Get yourself a good quality lubricant to ensure comfort and ease of insertion.

2. Insert your penis into the tube. Most pumps including our best selling penis pump, AutoUp, allow your penis to be in any state when inserting. Read specific instructions included with your product.

3. Press the base of the tube firmly against your body, ensuring your testicles remain outside the tube. A tight seal is necessary, which may require you to trim pubic hair.

4. Plug the quick release valve. Most pumps include a quick release system to instantly relieve pressure. You will need to place a finger over a small hole or tighten a valve depending on your product.

5. Begin to pump slowly. It's important to give your penis time to adjust between each pump to ensure too much pressure is not applied. Don't go pumping away like its prom night.

6. Pump until fully erect, while ensuring your penis is not under too much pressure.

7. Remove your penis from the pump by releasing the pressure valve. Check your penis for significant change in colour or pain. If so, do the obvious and discontinue. A slight shift to purple may be expected as blood increases. Massage the penis with lubricant to increase blood flow.

8. You can now go for another round if required or desired. Unless you are experienced and fully understand your own reactions to the pump, take a 3-5 minute break and don't exceed 10-15 minutes per insertion.


How to maintain penis size

In the immediate term, a cock ring can maintain size and increase pleasure, especially those with vibrating functions. Many pumps include a free cock ring, although they obviously won't be of the standard of premium products. Make sure you don't keep a cock ring on for longer than 30 minutes.

In the longer term; daily or regular use can see a sustained increase in penis size over the course or 3-6 months of treatment. 10-15 minutes a day, with regular massaging should do it.


Is it safe to use a Penis Pump?

It should be completely safe to use a penis pump.

Use common sense and you'll be fine. If it hurts, stop. If you're experiencing significant discolouration, discontinue

It may go against most blokes' disposition, but take it slow and easy to begin with and you should be fine. 

As with most things like this, I need to say the obvious: "I'm not a doctor, this isn't medical advice. If you have any concerns whatsoever, speak to your medical professional."


Should I buy a Penis Pump?

Why not? They're bloody great!

If you're suffering with ED, they're a far more affordable solution than many of the pills and supplements on the market, especially as you only buy once. Have a chat with your doc if you have any questions or concerns.

The increased size certainly gives the ego a boost and your partner probably won't complain.

And if you're after something different, give them a go as a personal masturbator, you won't get that sensation anywhere else.

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