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Author: Abbey & James   Date Posted:29 December 2018 

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Can I buy sex toys with Afterpay?


The answer is YES! That wasn't always necessarily the case though, with Afterpay rejecting most sex toy retailers.

One of the biggest topics of discussion in the Australian adult online shopping industry over the last 12 months has been whether or not Afterpay customers had the right to choose what products they purchased through their accounts.

Abbey & James customers have been able to make purchases since 2017, but that hasn't been the case for many other stores.

The "Buy Now, Pay Later" platform previously claimed through a spokesperson that a higher risk of chargeback - that is, customers who attempt to commit fraud against retailers or deny making purchases, was their reasoning behind restricting access.

"Afterpay has only made itself available to certain categories of goods in order to manage the risks that face the business and ensure it can provide the best possible solution to end customers," the spokeswoman told Fairfax in 2018.

"As the business continues to grow, Afterpay plans on expanding the service across a broader range of categories."

Afterpay's stance appears to have softened in recent times with a greater variety of retailers now offering the customers the chance to "pay it in 4".

Choice for customers has never been greater in 2019.


Checklist for buying


It's incredibly easy to get off and running with Afterpay. You can make a purchase in just minutes. Let's see how:


1. First things first

Start shopping and make a purchase. What? Getting started is so simple you can buy through the Abbey & James website without even registering with the layby service.

It's as easy as selecting Afterpay as your payment option at checkout, entering your details as normal and voila, an Afterpay account is created for you and your purchase is complete!

More detail on how to purchase is included in point 5.


2.  Confirm your account

All you need to do now is visit and set up your password. The next time you purchase with Afterpay, just log in securely when you checkout.

You can of course edit your personal and account details and get in touch with customer service if needed.


3. Grab the app

This one isn't necessary, but it can certainly make things easier and more convenient. Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the Afterpay App for iPhone or Android.

There's plenty of great content to help you shop, and with over 2.5 million retailers in Australia it's not just sex toys and vibrators to pick up great deals with.


4. Ensure you meet the Afterpay criteria

It's probably worth going over the fine print, but we're sure if you're here you'll be okay with Afterpay and Afterpay will be okay with you!

  • Be living in Australia
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid and verifiable email address and phone number
  • Use an Australian bank payment card
  • Be capable of entering into a legally binding contract
  • Have a verifiable and valid ID


5. Step-by-step to purchasing sex toys using Afterpay with Abbey & James

  1. Select your desired product and "Add to Cart"
  2. "Continue Shopping" or progress to "Checkout Now"
  3. Enter your personal details to create your account and add shipping details
  4. Choose 'Standard' or 'Express' Shipping.
  5. If needed, select the tick box next to "Signature not required on delivery". Please note customer accepts full responsibility for non-delivery by the courier in this case.
  6. Select the tick box next to "Afterpay" under payment details
  7. Accept terms and conditions and you're done!


Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration sex toy promotional image


There's no limit to what you can buy from Abbey & James


Literally everything on the Abbey & James shop is available to purchase via the lay-by service.

We've put together a quick list of our adult online shopping range and highlighted our most popular adult brands.


Sex Toys and Vibrators available to buy with Afterpay​

Best prices for sex toys with Afterpay
Sex Toy Best Prices
Vibrators $19.99
Dildos $9.99
Anal Toys $7.99
Couples Sex Toys $22.99
Men's Sex Toys 29.99
Kegel Balls $59.99
Lingerie $9.99

* Prices subject to change


Sex Toy Brands available to buy with Afterpay

Abbey and James stocks a great range of sex toy brands, with a major focus on the premium, higher quality end of the market.

Best prices on sex toy brands available with Afterpay
Sex Toy Brand Best Prices
Lelo $79.99
We-Vibe $99.99
Satisfyer $49.99
Womanizer $109.99
Rocks Off $31.99
Zumio $199.99
Fun Factory $69.99
Nalone $59.99

* Prices subject to change



Who is using Afterpay to buy adult toys?


The popular assumption is that the service is dominated by Millennial females. While the data suggests this is definitely the case, it's doesn't necessarily tell the full story.

Internal research by Abbey & James shows men make up a full third of customers spreading their purchase over a 2-month repayment period. Those blokes are purchasing a wide variety of items including male sex toys for themselves or spoiling their partners with toys for women or couples toys.

Pie chart showing percentage of Afterpay buyers by gender


Youth is certainly a factor when looking at the most regular users. 65% of purchases are made by customers under the age of 34. This stat makes a lot of sense once it's discovered that literally 90% of Afterpay purchases at Abbey & James are made on mobile!

Perhaps surprisingly, nearly 3% of users of the platform are aged 65 and over. So much for the myth that the older generation are technophobes.


Pie chart indicating Afterpay sex toy buyers by age



Is the service Australia only?


At this stage Abbey & James can only offer Afterpay to Australian online shoppers.

Afterpay first expanded to New Zealand in partnership with TradeMe in mid-2017.

A year later, following on from massive success in the Australian market, the United States welcomed the brand a new new way to shop for Americans.

Great Britain is next on the list, with the Aussie brand snapping up a similar rival ClearPay in a deal worth around $18 million. 


What is Afterpay?


We're guessing that if you're here, you probably already know the basics when it comes to Afterpay and sex toys, but for the uninitiated or those looking to learn a little more, we've put together this quick guide.

Afterpay is essentially a layby service for the digital age. Shoppers, both online and in-store make purchases instantly with no upfront costs. Payment is then spread evenly over four two-week periods. Buyers are charged no interest, with Afterpay deriving the majority of revenue from merchants who pay 30 cents per transaction plus 4%-6% commission per sale.

The service has around 2.5 million subscribers at the beginning of 2019.

As a disincentive to default on payments, customers are currently charged $10 for missing the first repayment and a further $7 fee if the payment remains outstanding after a week, according to the ABC. The maximum default fee is $68.


Profile picture of Afterpay CEO Nick Molnar

Afterpay is the brainchild of 28 year old CEO, Nick Molnar, who had previously had success as an online retailer. Molnar started the company in Sydney, Australia having realised that Millennials were extremely credit card averse, an attitude stemming from the GFC in 2008.

With his 4-year old company now valued at $3.3 billion, Molnar has a net worth of around $350 million, according to the AFR.

In the most recently released financial reports, Afterpay cites $113.9 million in revenue, up a staggering 397 per cent year-on-year.

Despite that, the company made a net loss of $9 million as they aggressively target expansion.

In the last financial year, the latest annual report cited $28.4 million in late fees, making up 24.4% of income. That's up from $6 million in 2016/17. While that's undoubtedly a significant amount, Afterpay prefer their customers to pay on time and continue making viable purchases over a longer time frame.

Over 95% of transactions are currently completed without incurring a late fee.


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