Sexy gifts for her

Author: James  


Left it 'til the last minute again boys? 

It's alright, we've got you covered.

You're on the ball and looking to get her something special?

I was born ready...

You want to make her feel special and let her know you care right?

We've got the perfect gifts for women, the sort of thing that will get you in her good books for months. Even better, they're those sort of gifts that you'll probably enjoy even more than her.

Win Win.

Get her something different and unique - she won't forget this in a hurry.


Luxury sex toys and bedroom products


I've saved you the hard work (alright, Abbey helped) and put together all-inclusive packages to make her feel like the queen you know she is and get the fireworks going in the bedroom - or wherever else you guys find yourselves!

Arriving luxuriously presented in our trademark Abbey & James packaging, you'll be on a winner from the moment she lays eyes on this collection of goodies.

Go for our top option The Full Package and make a night of it. We've included everything you need.

* All of our packages arrive discreetly packaged in generic shipping boxes to ensure your privacy.




The Abbey & James Experience


Buckle in gentlemen, this is going to be something to remember. Make sure you've got plenty of time, you don't want to rush this one.

Dim the lights and set the mood with our Lime and Coconut Scented Candle.

She's looking lovely in her best lingerie topped off with our Abbey & James thigh high stockings.

Take it slow, savour the experience. Tickle and tease her with our genuine goose feather. She'll love this and she'll love you for it.

Warmed up?

Break out the Coconut Oil and show her your best massage skills. You'll probably enjoy this part more than she does. Our Coconut Oil is organic and ethically sourced from Fiji. A little goes a long way, but hey, go crazy if you like.

Time to take it up a notch.

I made sure we included our Abbey & James silky blindfold and hand ties. I'll leave it to you from here, I'm sure you can work the rest out. 




Still want more? Why not add an industry leading vibrator by We-Vibe. 

Keep the dream alive, this is the gift that keeps on giving... well... you know what I mean.

We've got couples vibrators, sex toys to use together or for toys just for her.

We-Vibe produces sex toys of the highest quality, with a focus on couples and interaction. Do yourself a favour, you're spoiling her afterall.


A gift just for her?


Check out our Fun For One package.

We've included the We-Vibe sex toy of your choice as well as our Coconut and Lime Scented Candle and Coconut Oil to give her a truly memorable experience, over and over again.



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