Benefits of coconut oil? It's a miracle in the bedroom as well

Author: Abbey  


We all know the benefits of coconut oil by now - this superfood is great for your body, whether you’re using it in the kitchen, or to moisturise and repair your skin and hair.

The question you should be asking is; "can I use coconut oil as a personal lubricant?"

The answer is yes! It’s also doubles as an excellent massage oil when you're looking to get down and sensuous.

Smooth and silky, the natural oil works perfectly when you’re looking to treat yourself and feels like heaven with your special someone.

Better yet, you'll be treating your skin to one of nature's best moisturisers.

Seamlessly transitioning between luxurious massage oil to decadent lube for guys and girls, coconut oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, which means it’s great at preventing yeast infections and other nasties.


Abbey & James Coconut Oil


It also tastes and smells delicious, especially when paired with our Abbey & James Coconut and Lime scented candles for a truly memorable experience.

Avoid synthetic, chemical lubricants and spoil yourself with mother nature's coconut oil.

We've taken great care to source an all-natural product, produced to the highest standards in Fiji, ensuring you get the best quality coconut oil.

Try it out for yourself in our Fun For One package or with your partner in The Full Package. Add an industry leading sex-toy by We-Vibe for the full experience.


* Important * Do be cautious when using coconut oil with latex condoms. Natural oils are known to degrade latex. While coconut oil is regarded to be relatively safe, we strongly recommend erring on the side of caution when it comes to latex condoms.


Can I use coconut oil for massage or as lube?

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